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  11 December 2017  |  Vol: 4 facebooktwitterrss  
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Bozeman, Montana: 45° 40’ 40” N, 111° 2’ 50” W.  
Founded, 1864.
The Bozeman Magpie: Available Everywhere.
Founded, 2010.

I’ve often received feedback from people using the Magpie as a sole source for local news.  It’s flattering commentary, and I understand the more popular motives.  But I hoped that readers were casting a broader net, trolling the waters of traditional newspapers and online independents. 
Now, the Magpie can offer more than just hope; we have a far better solution. 

Considering the insufficient free-time afforded by today’s schedules, we’ve created The Magpie Reader as a dynamic webpage for all forms of news.  Every day, our editorial staff will prepare a comprehensive list of articles and interactive features, with selections tailored for our regional audience, so that they may quickly survey the news from local, domestic, and international sources, independent and mainstream, from compositions to audio and video.  Check it out, and if you like what you see, remember that we strive for The Magpie Reader to be the best landing page in Montana. 

Our regular content of local, alternative news is pure gravy, so look for more of the strong, steady mix on our Perspective, Spotlight and The Big M-T pages.  The Writing Gods have been generous in introducing us to great voices from the area, so expect plenty of visits from your favorite freelancers—like Beverly Ridge, Matt Skoglund, Katie Thomas, and Kim McKeehan—plus lots of intriguing profiles on the many brilliant locals.  And before you ask, all Magpie articles are again available for ten days of public comment.  (Here’s mud in the vodka of those Russkie hackers who screwed it up last year.)

Again with your daily attention in mind, we'll be sprucing up the rest of week with several vibrant features. Respecting the Magpie faithful’s love of imagery, our Gallery webpage is where to find the Photo of the Week (with contests on our FB fanpage on Friday mornings), our monthly Focal Point pictorial essays, and best of all, our two new internet resources for pooling community-submitted photos, titled, “Popular Images from Beta Scout” and, for the woollier aspects of townie culture, “The Randoms.”

It’s all part of Magpie 3.0.  With a nod to our cocky, hip-shot nature, we know you’re gonna like it.  100,000 unique visitors in the last twelve months—we must be doing something right.   

-Blake Maxwell
Editor & Founder of the Dirty Bird
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