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Previous Headlines
Health officials issue warning about Hantavirus
"State health officials are reminding Montana residents to take steps to avoid hantavirus, which can be contracted when cleaning out cabins or sheds where infected deer mice may have been living."
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

6 defendants deny charges in California-Montana meth ring
By Clair Johnson
(Source: The Billings Gazette )

Colorado deaths stokes worries about pot edibles
"Twenty-six people have reported poisonings from marijuana edibles this year in Colorado," Sadie Gurman reports from Denver, "Six were children." And two recent deaths have raised concerns in Colorado about their recently legalized marijuana industry.
(Source: Casper Star-Tribune/AP)

Groups file appeal over management of wild horses in Pryor Mountains
The appeal was filed on behalf of the Cloud Foundation and Front Range Equine Rescue in a District of Columbia circuit court.
(Source: San Francisco Gate/AP)

Fish & Wildlife Commission disregards elk consensus plan
Mark Albrecht is a Bozeman veterinarian who served on Montana's Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks statewide elk brucellosis working group.
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Monsanto's genetically modified soy is scarier than you think
The authors of a recent report in "Food Chemistry" determined that Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" soybeans actually contain more herbicide residues than their non-GMO counterparts and that the GM beans are nutritionally inferior. Meanwhile, Congress holds the US far behind other nations that clearly mark GMO foods for consumer education.
(Source: Mother Jones)

Missoula man recognized as Montana's Big Brother of the Year
“He just wanted to come in and be a friend and a role model and help a young child,” the CEO of the Missoula program said of Seth Rogers.
(Source: The Missoulian )

Sherpas, death, and anger on Everest
On April 16th, 2014, an avalanche swept down the world's highest mountain and killed 16 people—all of them Sherpa porters—leaving a dozen more injured.
(Source: The New Yorker Magazine)

Rain, new surge of mountain runoff likely to flood streams and creeks
Gina Loss with the National Weather Service said, "We encourage anybody who has work or livestock or equipment that are anywhere near streams and creeks to please move those now because we do anticipate that streams and creeks will be coming up as a result of this storm coming through."
(Source: KBZK)

Central Montana ranch may have 5,000 Native American pictographs
Surprisingly, it seems that researchers were first given access to the site—the pictographs are on private land—in 1989.
(Source: Billings Gazette/AP)

Russians inspect Montana nuclear launch facilities
(As a child of the 70s, I'm not really comfortable with this.)
(Source: ABCNews)

MSU students intern at Smithsonian National Museum
The student interviews for the article occurred on the same day the Wankel T. rex from Bozeman's Museum of the Rockies arrived at its new home in Washington, D.C.
(Source: MSU News Service)

A 'Primordial' look at Yellowstone and Grand Teton
By Filmmaker Charley Voorhis, who wordlessly captures why many of us feel so lucky to call this place home.
(Source: Yellowstone Gate )

Montana uses grant to buy grizzly bear habitat
320 acres of threatened grizzly bear habitat will be added Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area at a cost of $345K. By Matt Volz
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP)

Sen. Walsh to form craft distillers caucus
"Craft distilleries are a growing industry here and across the country. These new businesses are creating good jobs by bringing more high-quality, made-in-Montana products to market,” Walsh said.
(Source: Billings Gazette )

More (un)reasoned arguments against Common Core education standards
In addition to blogging, Don Pogreba has been a longtime public educator in Helena.
(Source: Intelligent Discontent (blog))

After the standoff, what's next for Bundy and the BLM?
Bundy's cattle are back on BLM land, but the rancher is likely to land behind bars.
(Source: High Country News)

Harry Reid: Cliven Bundy's armed supporters are 'domestic terrorists'
The rancher/militia position must be extreme if they can't even get the support of the Tea Party in a fight over government overreach.
(Source: Christian Science Monitor)

Bullock's Bakken aid proposal needs approval from the state legislature
By Tom Lutey
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Obama: 8 million signed up for health care
A key figure from the President's statement is that approximately 35% of signups came from those under the age of 35.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Montana AG Fox seeks to broker agreement between Missoula County Attorney and DOJ
(Well, it's about time, Mr. Fox.)
(Source: Missoula Independent )

Sen. Walsh hosts roundtable at MSU on college affordability
"Walsh is sponsoring the Federal Loan Refinancing Act, which would allow those repaying federal student loans at interest rates above 4 percent to refinance to a fixed rate of 4 percent," reporter Erin Schattauer wrote.
(Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle )

Former Missoula county prosecutor who mismanaged sexual assault cases now running for county attorney
Kristen Pabst worked as chief deputy from 2006-2012 when, as stated in the now infamous Department of Justice report, "women consistently told us that Deputy County Attorneys treated them with indifference or disrespect, and frequently made statements to women victims, advocates, and the public diminishing the seriousness of sexual violence and minimizing the culpability of those who commit it.”
(Source: BuzzFeed)

President Obama signs Montana flooding disaster declaration
With the declaration signed on April 17th, President Obama has endorsed federal funding for relief in the counties of Broadwater, Dawson, Golden Valley, Jefferson, Lake, Musselshell, Park, Pondera, Prairie, Ravalli, Richland, Rosebud, Sanders, Stillwater, and Wheatland.

State Supreme Court rejects Montana AG's attempt to alter Medicaid initiative wording
Cooperating with those that oppose Medicaid expansion in Montana, Attorney General Tim Fox's judicial push to rewrite a proposed ballot initiative and void all the signed petitions has been thwarted by the Montana Supreme Court.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP)

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