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The Magpie Reader
Montana's fastest way to get up to speed, here we present news articles and dynamic features from an unlimited array of media sources—all free,  CHECK IN DAILY, the morning headlines go up weekdays at 7am.
Fire near Yosemite about one-third contained
5,000 residents in the foothills surrounding the national park were given evacuation orders.
(Source: USA Today )

Gazette opinion: U.S. House race like the good ol' days of campaigning
(Good points made, but we only wish that one of the state's top newspapers weighed the role of the media—their role—in the long slide toward political mudslinging.)
(Source: Billings Gazette )

7-year-old girl injured by horse on Wild Horse Island
Flathead Lake's largest island is also home to bears, deer, and 75 species of birds.
(Source: The Missoulian )

Missoula makes Outside Magazine's list of 'Greatest Places to Live in America'
(And I'm thankful that Bozeman did not.)
(Source: Missoulian )

Closure of federal sheep facility in Centennial Mountains would be a victory for grizzlies
Sarah Gilman is a contributing editor at High Country News, a longtime friend of the Magpie, and an icon of odd photos on social media.
(Source: High Country News )

Germany backing away from international trade deal that empowers corporations over countries
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is one of several, huge and "aggressive" international trade deals with clauses stipulating that transnational corporations can "take legal action against individual governments if they believe that the country’s domestic laws violate a trade agreement."
(Source: Yes! Magazine)

Montana's Arctic grayling passed over for federal protections
“The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has been reviewing the status of the upper Missouri River Artic grayling to determine if this population requires federal protection under the Endangered Species Act,” said Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “Protection is not warranted at this time.”
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Curtis calls Daines 'champion of millionaires'
“Steve Daines is a champion of millionaires, the 1 percent,” Curtis said. “If we send more of that to Washington then the playing field keeps getting tilted against us. That's why we keep working month to month and we can't get ahead.”
(Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle )

What grizzly bears are teaching us about human obesity, diabetes
Maybe it all boils down to hyperphagia.
(Source: adventure journal )

Previous Headlines
Oregon agency rejects terminal expansion for shipping Powder River Basin coal
"From reading more than 20,000 public comments to carefully analyzing technical documents and plans, this application has been scrutinized for months," Oregon Department of State Lands director Mary Abrams said. "We believe our decision is the right one."
(Source: Billings Gazette/AP )

Recent shootings in Glacier Nat'l Park put federal gun law under fire
Since 2010, a federal gun law allows visitors to carry guns in national parks, though Glacier officials still outlaw firing the weapon.
(Source: Flathead Beacon )

KKK fliers appear in Havre neighborhoods
“I grew up in Havre,” Toni The Boy said. “I have never seen anything like this. We sometimes had racial problems, but nothing like this.”
(Source: Missoulian/AP )

Amanda Curtis won't get fundraising jump-start
Federal Election Commission rules stipulate that just $2,000 can be given by Sen. Walsh to the campaign for his replacement.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Wildfire managers report drones are threatening aircraft, crew safety
Airspace around wildfires is typically restricted to allow emergency aircraft to get close and low, maneuvers that have been made unsafe in several incidents involving recreational drones this season.
(Source: Missoulian )

Montana's immunization rate improves
"In general, Montana schools compare well on the vaccines required by state law, and many that are not required by state law (such as varicella and pertussis for older students). In short, we are doing fairly well but could do much better," said Jim Murphy, chief of the Communicable Disease Bureau of DPHHS.
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

Naked bike ride in Missoula draws crowd, no protesters
(They're telling us there was "no flap, whatsoever," but I'm not buying it.)
(Source: NBC Montana (VIDEO))

Child falls to death in Yellowstone
The incident occurred on Sunday morning in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

World-class conservators work on beehive kiln at Archie Bray
“Our overall goal,” said Chere Jiusto, executive director of the Montana Preservation Alliance, “is these kilns have acquired a beauty over time — we aren’t repairing it to ever look brand new again, but to freeze it in time."
(Source: Helena Independent Record)

Weather favors crews fighting area wildfires
Cooler weather is expected to arrive Monday, with daytime highs dropping.
(Source: Helena Independent Record)

Analysis: Bozeman nonprofit executives earn less than national average
By Jason Bacaj
(Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle )

Report: Half of Montana's highway fatalities in 2013 weren't wearing seat belts
(Raise your hand if you've become lax in wearing a seat belt every time you get in an automobile.)
(Source: Missoulian )

Curtis strikes populist theme in Montana's U.S. Senate Race
To replace the candidacy of the disgraced U.S. Senator John Walsh (D-Mont.), Amanda Curtis, a 34-year-old teacher from Butte, was selected on Saturday in hopes of activating the Democrat's caucus.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Montana's wheat harvest late but high in protein
By Tom Lutey
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Missouri National Guard to be deployed at Ferguson protests
Sunday night saw intense protesting on the eighth night after the shooting of an unarmed 18-year-old.
(Source: The Guardian (VIDEO))

U.S. House race: Lewis depends on Montana donors; Zinke's supporters mostly out-of-state
This race in one statistic: Lewis reports that 71% of his donors are Montanans; for Zinke, 72% are from out-of-state.
(Source: Ravalli Republic/LEE )

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