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Montana's fastest way to get up to speed, here we present news articles and dynamic features from an unlimited array of media sources—all free,  CHECK IN DAILY, the morning headlines go up weekdays at 7am.
Previous Headlines
FWP announces top 4 entities to receive quarantined bison
Two Native American tribes are among the entities listed to receive a portion of the 145 bison currently in state quarantine.
(Source: Billings Gazette (VIDEO))

Washington governor calls for more work to reduce oil-train spills
Gov. Jay Inslee says more needs to be done to prevent and respond to oil spills.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Montana universities' tuition doubles in 14 years
“We see people working two or three jobs while taking on a full course load and still coming out of it big in debt,” said Ben Henry, senior policy associate for the Alliance for a Just Society.
(Source: Ravalli Republic )

Two new studies reveal importance of sage-grouse habitat to Western states' economies

(Source: Casper Star-Tribune )

'Onerous' regulations thwarted for brewers, distillers, and ranchers
Kelley Christiansen reports, "Montana’s alcohol producers can continue to sell or give away spent grain to ranchers without added layers of bureaucracy and paperwork, thanks in part to Montana Sens. Jon Tester and John Walsh."
(Source: Montana Standard )

Meet the corporations ponying up for a Montana Supreme Court seat
And, of course, they've set up a dark money group called, Montanans for a Fair Judiciary PAC.
(Source: Montana Cowgirl blog))

Forest Service won't impose photography fees on journalists
FS Chief Tom Tidwell says it was all a big misunderstanding.
(Source: Montana Kaimin)

Lewis, Zinke offer contrasting visions for Montana in public debate
"Democrat John Lewis and Republican Ryan Zinke, in their first one-on-one debate in Montana’s U.S. House race, painted slight shades of contrast between themselves Monday night on energy, climate change, the Middle East conflict and health care," the LEE Newspapers reporter begins.
(Source: Billings Gazette/LEE )

Missoula hospital 1 of 4 in U.S. ready for Ebola patients
St. Patrick’s senior director for critical care said, “We want to help alleviate the rumor mill by making people aware of what we offer. We deal with tuberculosis patients fairly often and nobody expects a press release. We care for lots of different diseases here.”
(Source: Missoulian )

Yellowstone club? Park superintendent mulling major increase for entrance fees at Yellowstone, Grand Teton
(There should be no doubt that this is owing to the government shutdown last year as well as the trickle of federal funding in recent years.)
(Source: Idaho Statesman)

National Park Service seeking huge hike in fees
Published in Denver, the article notes a proposed 50% increase in gate fees at Rocky Mountain National Park and a 150% increase at Great Sand Dunes National Park.
(Source: Denver Post)

Albertsons' customers may have had credit, debit info hacked again
The corporation has notified officials of a criminal incident that apparently occurred in late August and early September.
(Source: KBZK)

Lyme disease surging north; Canadian officials move out of denial

(Source: Truth-out )

Humans to blame for major decline in wildlife populations, WWF finds
"The study Tuesday from the Swiss-based WWF largely blamed human threats to nature for a 52 percent decline in wildlife populations between 1970 and 2010."
(Source: Huffington Post (VIDEO))

Book review: In desolate Montana, 'The Ploughmen' unearths dark truths
'The Ploughmen' is a new novel by Kim Zupan.
(Source: Interlochen)

Feds give Montana $14.9M in grants for healthcare workforce development
Announced by the Department of Labor on Monday, the Montana Health Creating Access to Rural Education (CARE) grant is to be administered by Missoula College at the University of Montana and delivered via 15 campuses statewide.
(Source: Billings Gazette )

Zinke changes mind; will debate Lewis on Monday night
“It’s a testament to Mr. Zinke’s character that it took weeks of public shaming to attend a debate that he should have wanted to attend in the first place," a spokesperson from the John Lewis campaign said.
(Source: Flathead Beacon/AP )

Art is accessible at Archie Bray Foundation
Briana Wipf reports, "Visitors to the grounds, which are open to the public during daylight hours seven days a week, can wander through 26 acres of grassland and thickets near the old brickworks, coming across sculptures nearly every place they step."
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

Livingston native, once the world's fastest man, has had front-row seat to history
Author Jeff Welsch backpedals in the first sentence, noting Larry Questad was once regarded as "the fastest white man on Earth."
(Source: Billings Gazette )

The business of buds: Medicinal marijuana industry growing in southwestern Montana
(The darker green the county, the more providers it has in the state's medical marijuana program compared to its overall population.)
(Source: Helena Independent Record )

300 hunters, anglers converge in Helena to rally against transfer of federal lands to state
(A fine showing from Montana's sporting folk on Saturday amidst what was a soggy day.)
(Source: Missoulian/AP )

Man fined $3,000 for crashing drone into Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic

(Source: Yellowstone Gate )

GMO wheat found in Montana State University field
A much-larger discovery of GMO wheat in Oregon last year led several Asian markets to ban American wheat.
(Source: ABC 13)

Montana hunters, anglers planning rally for 'soul of our state'
“We’re trying to raise awareness of how important it is for Montana to keep public lands in public hands and ultimately squelch any movement to do otherwise,” said Land Tawney, the executive director of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.
(Source: Great Falls Tribune )

Montana PSC gives final approval to $900M dam sale
The expected increase to ratepayers is said to be about $5 per customer per month.
(Source: Missoulian/AP )

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