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  17 January 2017  |  Vol: 4 facebooktwitterrss  
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City Manager - The Story Mansion Sale May Fall Through

UPDATED at 11:16 a.m.:  In a phone call moments ago with Exergy Development Group's Director of New Projects, Gordon "Corky" Brittan, he stated that Exergy Friends of the Story Mansion is preparing a letter that reportedly says the sale will not close next week.  But he again gave assurances that the sale is proceeding, and that the letter is to be signed by Exergy President and CEO James Carkulis that will "reaffirm Exergy's commitment to the Story Mansion." 

Brittan stated that there is no closing date available at this time, and that the delay is largely due to the collapse in price for natural gas, which has brought unexpected cash-flow difficulties to the alternative energy market.  Brittan noted that Exergy contributed significant funding to the landscaping improvements around the Story Mansion, and that he and his wife had even contributed personally to that work, as further evidence of his statement, "We believe Exergy is gonna come through."

UPDATED at 10:54 a.m.:  Bozeman City Manager Chris Kukulski stated that he has spoken with Exergy Friends of the Story Mansion regarding the sale of the Story Mansion property.  Kukulski clarified that the buy-sell agreement between the City and Exergy made no movement toward the revised closing date of September 15th (the original closing date was set for this past June).  At this point, no official documentation has been received from Exergy nor has any meeting been set.  Since those formalities are "supposed to happen by now," the City Manager's office requested that Exergy Friends of the Story Mansion formalize their intentions in writing by the 15th.  Kukulski said that the original agreement was enforced with $1,000 in earnest money, and that he had not received any clear indication that the sale was cancelled. 

Per another report in Bozeman's AP paper, City Manager Chris Kukulski has stated that the sale "may fall through."

Original post at 9:45 a.m. on 6 Sept 2012:  An unconfirmed report this morning suggests that the sale of the Story Mansion by the City of Bozeman to Exergy Friends of the Story Mansion has fallen through.  In April, the Bozeman City Commission voted 5-0 to sell the Story Mansion for $391,222, what would have amounted to a loss of nearly $3.3 million in city, state, and federal funds.  Amidst nationally documented financial hardships for the Boise-based Exergy Development Group LLC, the buyer backed out of the deal and, as another unconfirmed report, the City of Bozeman doesn't even have a down payment to cling to. 

The Bozeman Magpie hoped to the confirm the report with City Attorney Greg Sullivan, who referred me to the City Manager's office.  But Sullivan did not deny the report.  Repeated attempts to gain confirmation from City Manager Chris Kukulski have not been returned.  A public announcement is expected shortly.  -TBM

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