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The Big M-T
Focal Point, July 2012

"Around Montana," a show on display at The Loft in downtown Bozeman, features five years of photographs shot on assignment by freelance photojournalist Janie Osborne. Viewed as a collection, the photographs represent the sweeping range of Montana news stories, culture, and lifestyles.

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Janie's photographs have been published by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Associated Press, among others.

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Article: “Work Every Bit as Wild as It Is Woolly,” The New York Times (photos above and below)
Date of publication: 5 April 2008
Norris, Montana

At the time of publication, a shortage of sheep-shearers in the United States inspired The New York Times journalist Kirk Johnson to embed himself in the story by enrolling in Montana State University’s sheep-shearing school. One instructor at the school summed up the experience: “Learning to shear is a lesson in humility.” 

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

7 more photos and stories, compliments of Janie Osborne...

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Article: “Russian Adoptees Get a Respite on the Range," The New York Times (photo above)
Date of publication: 26 April 2010
Eureka, Montana

The Ranch for Kids, a nonprofit in Eureka, Montana, is a last stop for children given up by their adoptive parents. Most of the children at the ranch are Russian and many of them were born with fetal alcohol syndrome. This front page of The New York Times photograph of a Ranch for Kids orphan was published on the heels of headline news about a 7-year old boy who was sent back to Russia by his adoptive parent.

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Title of Article: “Tax Revolt in Boom Town,” The Wall Street Journal (photos above and below)
Date of publication: 19 March 2012
Billings and Laurel, Montana

Two Montana oil refineries, Cenex Harvest Services and Conoco-Phillips, are protesting their property tax assessments. Their actions threaten local-government revenue as well as finances at public schools such as Laurel Middle School.

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Article: “Lessons From the One-Room Schoolhouse,” The Wall Street Journal (photos above and below)
Date of publication: 31 August 2011
Decker, Montana

With six K-5 students, one teacher and two teacher aides, Spring Creek School in Decker, Montana is one of a few hundred one-room schools still in operation in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Article: “A Diplomat Whose Language Is Song,” The New York Times
Date of publication: 26 April 2012
Helena, Montana

Arif Lohar, a famous folk singer from Pakistan, performed in Helena, Montana as part of a U.S. tour. His aim was to improve diplomacy between our two nations, post-September 11, 2001.

Photo courtesy of Janie Osborne

Article: “The Cow Whisperer,” Associated Press
Date of pubication: August 2010
Wolf Creek, Montana

Montana Cowboy Curt Pate travels across the country to teach ranchers about low-stress handling and management of livestock. Gentle, calm and deliberate methods promote non-stressed and healthy cattle.


Editor's Note:  For more of Janie Osborne's photography including her work in photojournalism as well as Travel & Food and Weddings, please visit her online portfolio at

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